How to Get Your First (or More) Full Push-Ups

Push-Ups! How to do more, modifications for them - as requested by you, here it is:) The first tip on how to get better at push-ups is.... more push-ups!

Sounds annoyingly simple, but to get better at ANYTHING, you need to do that thing. I hear you, you can manage 2-3 push-ups at once and that's it - how are you supposed to do a full workout?

Every time you see push-ups programmed, do what you CAN do in the full form, or most advanced form, and then modify so you can complete the full set. If you're only ever doing modified movements, you're mostly just going to get really good at that modified movement;)

But, there ARE some strength moves you can do to help assist your push-ups, because let's be real - they are a hard full body movement.

  1. Floor press: Great way to work on tricep strength without being in a plank position, if you are working on healing a diastasis. Go heavy on these!

  2. Incline push-up: Use a box, bench, or for further modification - the wall.

  3. Incline push-up with raised feet: Going from the box/bench to the ground seems like a long ways down - progressively get yourself closer and closer to a parallel position by using plates to elevate your feet.

  4. Banded push-up: I love this one because the band at hip level reminds clients to engage their bum to maintain their strong core position.

  5. Bench press: Allows for slightly more range of motion than the floor press, and an incline bench is a great option to keep upper body pushing strength while pregnant without requiring a plank position, or getting up and down from the floor (not easy).

  6. Glute bridges: Say whaaaat? If I don't about glutes enough, I'll say it again - glutes are a huge component of your core strength! There's tons of ways to strengthen your glutes, so pick your fav.

  7. Quadruped plank: A great way to return to planks - still super challenging! Inhale, then as you exhale lift knees max 1-2 inches off the floor.

  8. Front plank: Because, well, this is your body position in a push-up.

If newly postpartum have a Physiotherapist or Pelvic Health Physio check your diastasis and your ability to engage your core.

Head to my IG post here for all 8 videos💪🏽

What’s your current max push-ups, and what’s your goal? Comment below!