I'm Nicole, a personal trainer and nutrition coach for women, with a specialty in prenatal and postnatal fitness. I'm a mom to an energetic little girl, a CrossFitter, and a U of C Dinos track and field alum. I'm based in Calgary, Canada, where I've lived since the age of two when my family left Vancouver, trading the ocean view for the Rocky Mountain view.

I help women seeking healthy changes to their workout or nutrition, empowering them to realize their innate physical and mental strength and power. With nutrition coaching I work with women to take the guess work out of sorting through a sea of conflicting nutrition information, providing them with easy to implement, practical tools. The results may include increased energy, less mood swings (you know the ones), having confidence to walk out of the house in the first outfit you put on, and improved performance whether for life tasks or in the gym. With strength training, I help women build confidence in their bodies both inside and outside of the gym. We train where women, moms, and moms-to-be felt heard, cared-for, and their athletic pursuits recognized.

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I do this by acknowledging there is so much more to working out and nutrition than simply lifting weights up and down, or tracking macros.

Learning a new gym skill can be uncomfortable, frustrating, even boring. So can changing your mindset, or admitting that the path we're on isn't leading us in the direction we envisioned for our life.

Sports and daily movement have been a part of my life as long as I can remember. The mental clarity, reduction of stress and anxiety, increased self-confidence, concentration, and feeling of belonging are what bring me back to training day after day and year after year. I know what it’s like to not feel good enough, to compare yourself to other women, to wish yourself different. I also know the power that training has had on me and the ability to turn negative thoughts around – to feel the high after completing a tough workout, to feel strong physically, but also mentally, because I did something I initially told myself I couldn’t do. I get that feeling of belongingness when I walk into the gym and familiar smiling faces greet me and encourage me during the workout. I know the difference in how I function, feel, and think, when I’m eating well versus not eating well. I know that when I emotionally eat how lousy not only my stomach feels, but my mood drops, anxiety rises, and my motivation diminishes. The life-changing benefits of what nutrition and physical activity has done for me, is what drives my passion to help women discover this in themselves.

I first really took sport seriously as a member of the Track and Field team at the University of Calgary (go Dinos!), and it was after university that I really started to tune into the mental health benefits I reaped from working out. My training education began with a personal trainer certification, followed up with Crossfit L1, then 200hr Yoga Teacher Training, 80hr Pre & Postnatal and 40hr Children’s Yoga Teacher Training, Precision Nutrition Level 1 followed shortly by Level 2, Spin, Postnatal Fitness Specialist (Jessie Mundell), Postpartum and Pregnancy Athleticism (Brianna Battles), as well as continuing education courses by Julie Wiebe, and Girls Gone Strong. Most recently, I have added NCCP Weightlifting Coach In Training to my portfolio of interests and skills.

If you are ready for change, to wake up stronger and more capable in your body and your decisions, hit the button below and let's get started.



  1. strong and undisguised. synonyms: strong, intense, passionate, powerful, undisguised, unconcealed, unrestrained, uninhibited; powerfully impressive
  2. in its natural state; not yet processed. synonyms: unprocessed, untreated, unrefined, natural; unedited; not covered coated; fresh
  3. frank and realistic. synonyms: unembellished