Box Jumps: Alternatives for Pregnancy & Postpartum

At some point during pregnancy box jumps should be put on hold to give your pelvic floor a break, and they should also be added in slowly and strategically postpartum. A question to ask when choosing your option is, “what is my intention with this workout?”

Is it skills?

Heart rate elevated?


Simply moving to move, taking into consideration how little sleep you’ve had, nauseas you are, or what stage of healing you’re at?

  1. STEP UPS: They accomplish getting heart rate elevated, lower body strength, and you get to be a part of the box party with everyone else. They don’t usually go well with pelvic girdle pain (pubic symphysis or sacroiliac joint dysfunction), so in the case of either of those I’d pick a different option below, or head straight to #5.

  2. KETTLEBELL SWINGS: Box jumps are an explosive hip extension movement, so KB swings are a great non-impact alternative. KB swings are still dynamic in nature so even though they are non-impact, check in with your form and breathing strategy to protect your pelvic floor.

  3. BANDED PULL-THROUGH: A great alternative to learn the KB swings hip hinge motion, but you can remove the dynamic element by controlling the band.

  4. HIP THRUST: Hip thrusts are my go-to for late pregnancy or early postpartum to work on hip extension (hi, glutes!) without standing. Also a great option if you are managing prolapse.

  5. ANYTHING beneficial to you, where your body is at today. Just ‘cause the workout calls for box jumps doesn’t mean you need to mimic the movement at all. In your third trimester and your shoulders are rounding and aching? Use a box to do seated banded pull-aparts instead. Have a physio exercise you’ve been prescribed but never get time at home to do it? Sub it in here!

There are NO rules, as hard as it is to look different from the rest of the class, carve your own path. Your body will thank you long term.💪🏽💕 Check out my IG post here for all 5 videos.

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