Testimonials: What Clients Are Saying

After having my second child I was anxious to get back into a workout routine. I knew it was something I needed for my personal wellbeing.
The expertise that Nicole has, not only on anatomy, physiology and body mechanics but also her understanding of postpartum changes and exercises is incredible. I had diastasis recti and was conscious that I wanted to ensure good pelvic floor health and strength. She met all my needs rehabilitating postpartum and I came out stronger than I was before children.

Nicole has a keen eye for detail and quickly caught poor technique habits I had and gracefully corrected them. It was this attention to detail that allowed me to feel the strongest I ever have and allowed me to get back to the CrossFit style work outs that I love.

Nicole is such a genuine person, and I learned and accomplished more in our 1-hour sessions than I ever could have anticipated.
— Robin
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Nicole’s fitness classes are well planned and perfect for mamas-to-be who want to maintain their strength, stamina, and flexibility during pregnancy. Her kind energy and enthusiasm will make you feel cared for and encouraged. Highly recommend!
— Julia
I really liked getting a safe and effective pregnancy workout while also meeting other moms and moms-to-be.
— Dierdre
As a Canadian athlete looking to go to the Olympics [in 2018], I started working with Nicole to achieve my nutrition and body composition goals. In 1.5 years, I have lost 8% body fat, maintained my muscle mass and improved my athletic performance! Raw Fitness isn’t a diet or a quick fix, it’s a lifestyle. Nicole works to understand you, and offers sustainable solutions to help you achieve your nutrition and fitness goals! If you are ready for change, Nicole will get you there for good.
— Jaclyn Laberge
I started with Nicole 3 months after having my second child. Over the last 10 years fitness had become a part of my life, and I was eager to get back into a routine. Once in the gym Nicole continued to support, inspire, educate, motivate, and push me. Her knowledge of the body, and proper technique was comprehensive, but more importantly her knowledge of the pre/post-partum body was exceptional.

It did not take long into our sessions to see that Nicole had, and continues to have, a passion for helping women to become strong, healthy and empowered people! I have learned more from her than any of the fitness professionals I have worked with in the past!

Not only is Nicole knowledgeable, she is genuine, kind, and a joy to be around! But don’t get me wrong, she will ensure you sweat!!
— Kim
When I contacted Nicole for some help with my nutrition, I’ll admit: I was looking for a quick fix. Meeting with Nicole for my first time made me realize how much more there is to nutrition and a healthy lifestyle than blindly following generic weekly meal plans. And the good news is, what Nicole taught me about nutrition and my relationship to food has lasted way longer than what I was expecting when I first contacted her! Her consistent support and genuine interest in my success, and my struggles, was invaluable. I truly appreciate what Nicole taught me!
— Jessica