Workout: Weights - Full Body

On vacation if I don't do anything physical I feel like a wound up jack-in-the-box, antsy and with too much energy to sit and fully enjoy relaxing. But at the same time, no one wants to be stuck in a humid gym when it's 30 degrees outside and wine is chilling in the fridge. My solution when on vacation is to keep workouts to a maximum of 30 minutes, and keep them simple so I'm not wasting time figuring out the lay of the land in the new gym. Minimal equipment, no machines, in and out in no time!

The Workout: Weights - Full Body


Kettlebell - medium weight

Set of dumbbells - medium weight

The Sweaty Part:

A. 3 x :
10 single-leg kettlebell deadlift (10 per leg)
15 kettlebell squats to overhead press
60 sec rest

Complete all 3 sets of part "A "before moving on to part "B".

B. 3 x :
8 dumbbell row + push up ( from plank position: 1 row per arm + 1 push up = 1 rep)
20 kettlebell swings
60 sec rest

Optional Modified Workout:

Not quite ready for the above? Complete the below instead! All you'll need is a set of medium weight dumbbells.

A. 3 x : 10 dumbbell deadlift + 15 dumbbell squat to military press + 60 sec rest

B. 3 x : 8 alternating bent over dumbbell row + 20 glute bridges + 60 sec rest


Form is always your #1 priority!! If you are losing form before you're done the prescribed reps drop your weight down until you build up strength to do it as above, and/or stick with the modified version for a while first. Always check with your doctor before starting any new exercise regime.