Workout: Run - Intervals

While in BC this summer I met up with a friend who was also vacationing there, but while my vacation included gentle exercise of paddle boarding and light workouts, her vacation included a three day intense training camp to prepare her for her first Half Ironman, the Calgary 70.3 (which she rocked!!!). Inspired by her incredible training and running regime, I took to the treadmill at the little local community gym where we were staying (the only running option in 30 degrees!). While I've dabbled in distance runs in the past, short intervals are my jam. Use this quick workout to get a sweat on, legs burning, but be back in plenty of time to catch happy hour by the pool.

The Workout: Run - Intervals


- 10 air squats
- 10 leg swings forward & back, 10 leg swings side to side, each leg
- 5 minutes brisk walking/light jogging

The Sweaty Part:

A: 6 x 400m + 90 seconds rest between
B: 3 x 200m + 60 seconds rest between


- 2 minutes walking
- Stretch it out: glute stretch, quad stretch, hamstring stretch, calf stretch, IT band stretch
- Pound back that water!!

Pacing & such:

If you're an early riser and can beat the heat by doing so, take this workout outdoors around a soccer field. While it won't be exact distances, use the perimeter of the field as your measuring stick for the repeats: all 4 sides = 400m, 2 sides = 200m (no need to be exact, we're on vacation and working out, close enough!!)

If you're doing it indoors on a treadmill use the distance feature on the treadmill: 400m = 0.4km or 0.25 miles depending on your treadmill units. When it comes to the 200m, they're so short I usually just time them instead, doing a hard 30 second run.

Pacing: Pace each interval so that you're working hard, but you feel fully recovered by the end of your rest. If you finish an interval and feel like you're ready to start the next one again in 10 seconds, kick up the pace for the next one;)

Complete all 6 sets of the 400m intervals before moving on to the 3 sets of 200m intervals.

Sweaty selfie upload: #rawfitnessyyc