Exercises to Help Ease Pelvic Pain in Pregnancy & Postpartum

Let’s talk pelvic pain during pregnancy & postpartum. You’ve probably heard a variety of names for it: pelvic girdle pain, pubic symphysis dysfunction, sacroiliac joint dysfunction - or simply SI joint pain.

What are they? Why are you getting it? And what can be done?

Check this mini video series here to find out, and send this to a pregnant mama friend who could benefit from this info!

Not all pelvic pain needs to be blamed on relaxin, the hormone during pregnancy that causes joints to be more mobile, and this is good news! Why? Because if there’s more to it than just relaxin, it means there are things within your control to help limit, or hopefully eliminate the pain.

Here are 9 movements combining both releasing tight muscles as well as strengthening supporting muscles in the hopes it can help ease some of your pelvic pain.

Your best bet is always to visit your doctor, chiropractor, or physiotherapist, as they’ll be able to pinpoint exactly what’s causing your specific symptoms and give you individualized treatment.

But in the meantime, here’s why I’ve chosen this sample of movements today:

- Stretching: releasing tight muscles that attach to your pelvis (there’s a lot of them!) may help reduce symptoms by easing the pulling that tight muscles can cause on the pelvis.

- Strengthening: by strengthening surrounding muscles and learning to engage those muscles, you will be helping to support your pelvis, again hopefully with a reduction in pelvic pain symptoms!

1. Roll your glutes with a lacrosse ball: can be done laying down but is much easier against a wall if you’re pregnant 

2. Half kneeling adductor stretch: gently rock back and forth

3. Banded laying hamstring stretch

4. Half kneeling hip flexor stretch

5. Couch stretch (hip flexor and quad stretch)

6. Roll hip flexors with ball: I prefer these sand balls to a lacrosse ball as they are a bit more forgiving!

7. Banded lateral walk

8. Banded goblet squat

9. Shoulders elevated hip thrust: when pregnant this is much easier if done on a large exercise ball - start by sitting on it then walk your feet out to come to the hip thrust position, and reverse to come back to seated to get off.

Click here to see videos of all 9 movements above.

This is just a sample, let me know if you try them and need some extra ideas.

Tag a mama friend who could benefit from these moves below, and let me know how they feel for you!