Goal Setting. It works.

Goal setting. We all know it's essential, but once you've got the goal in mind, then what? I'll tell you what. Write that shit down and go tell people about. In the past week I've been reminded of the amazing momentum gained when those two things happen.

I'll explain my odd choice in props here. Last Friday I attended a Goals & Beer Night (unofficial title) at Village Brewery hosted by Lululemon, Dopeame & The Commune. The room was filled with absolutely amazing people, who all had two apparent things in common: a goal of contributing to the health of the community in some way, shape or form (yogis, massage therapists, gym owners, gut health via kombucha, you name it), and a drive to get things done. Part of our night involved writing out our goals & speed dating our way through the room sharing our visions with all the rad individuals in the room. I left feeling like I had a commitment to all those people - I'd spoken the words, I can't just let that fall to the side and die now, can I?

Fast forward to this morning when I cracked open my old laptop - you may have one under your bed, too - the first thick white Mac laptop, that gives the spinning wheel of death every time you move the mouse? I waited patiently while it retrieved what I was looking for - my original goal setting sheets from when I worked at lululemon almost 5 years ago. When I went to lululemon I was pretty lost. I'd had several jobs, and they all ended the same way: almost 2 years to the day at every job I'd hear myself giving the same speech yet again, "it's not you, it's me, really." I'd pack my desk and head to the next desk job. If I can give one piece of advice here - if you feel like you don't fit in to a mold that you grow up thinking you need to fit in because everyone around you is doing it, I'm here to tell you, you probably don't. And what it took me several jobs and a lot of self digging to learn, is that that is okay. Not only is it okay, it's life changing. I didn't like the person I became at other jobs, my stress and anxiety was through the roof, my blood pressure was off the charts, and that unhappiness inevitably spills into the rest of your day and relationships - not just the 9-5.

Back to my ancient laptop. When you work at lululemon, one of your first tasks is to put up your goals on the back wall of the store for everyone to see - health goals, personal goals, and career goals. You start with a 10 year vision, then break it down into small 1 year and 5 year goals, small goals that will help you get to that big vision at the end of the tunnel. The spinning wheel of death was worth the wait. Mind blown. Want to know what I had on my list? Very first words, "I live inner city in a renovated character home, with big shady trees in the front yard, and a private backyard." Check! Little did I know all the renos would be done by my man. Up next: "My husband and I enjoy going to work everyday. We don't work weekends, and when overtime occurs, we're okay with it because we're passionate about what we do and the overtime is an indication our businesses are growing." I can honestly say, yes all around. I love what I do, I love the Calgary community I'm in, and I honestly don't see work as a chore, ever. And you have to understand, writing this at the time seemed RIDICULOUS to me. Coming from jobs where I'd work all day Saturday and Sunday, until 10pm on weekdays, and loathed every minute of it - this sounded like a fairy tale I was writing, not goals. Moving along...while the career section goals changed between the two times I did this exercises (once at Market Mall, and then again at 4th Street), the theme was the same: sports, health, working with people, and having my own practice, in whatever shape that took.

Your action steps for today:

1. You've got your goal. Now write it down - in your daytimer, on your computer, as a note in your phone, on a sticky note, on the back of a napkin. It doesn't matter, just WRITE IT DOWN.

2. Go tell 3 people. Right now. TODAY! Do it. Call your mom. Text your boyfriend. Tell your friend over lunch today. Stand up in your board room right now and announce all that goodness.