10 Random Facts About Me

Oh hey there! I haven't done an official introduction post, ever, so here it goes.

Born in Vancouver, Calgary raised, on the playground, field, running track, and pool is where I spent most of my days (I promise, Fresh Prince rhymes stop now).

Random facts about me:

1. I gained 11 brother & sister-in-laws (17 including spouses) and 32 nieces and nephews when my husband and I got married. My husband gained 2 brother-in-laws.

2. If you asked me in University what I'd be doing in life I would have told you I'd be living in Australia, as a physiotherapist, being a "surfer girl", as I walked around in my pukka shell necklace (I cringe at how cliche I was).

3. My husband and I met at Nashville North (at the Calgary Stampede) and got married in our living room 5 years later without telling anyone until after the deed was done. Might have had something to do with #1 and trying to plan a “regular” wedding LOL.

4. I'll take short intense workouts with power, weights, and intervals, over a long steady workout any day. Hence my University days competing in 200m, 300m, and 400m sprints, and my now training regime of CrossFit style athletic training.

5. My mission: to help enhance the lives of women through the power that physical movement and nutrition can have on our WHOLE well-being. Providing women the chance to experience sanity, strength, self-care, empowerment, and confidence are at the core of what I strive for everyday with my clients. The fire in my heart and in my head comes out of my own experiences. I'm here for the real talk, open and honest conversations, and bringing you information that isn't necessarily popular or sexy, but much needed IMO.

6. I fuel my sweet tooth daily with either Little Tucker Snickaroos, a single serving coconut brownie made from scratch, sweet & salty popcorn, or a spoon straight into the coconut peanutbutter jar.

7. I'm an extroverted introvert, so I NEED my alone time and personal space to recharge (learning to navigate this with a toddler is a daily challenge) but I also crave regular adult interaction. As a stay at home mom and work from home entrepreneur, one way I fuel my need for connection is through my workouts 4x/week at Most Physical Preparation.

8. Despite what I said in #2, my degree took me towards almost being a CPA, and later a Project Manager for a large web design company - favourite account I worked on was adidas obvi. Yah, I followed the crowd with my degree, not my heart - KNES would have made more sense for this girl. But I believe it’s never too late to change your path in life, for anything. Quitting my "sure thing" desk job with benefits for the entrepreneur life was the scariest thing I'd done up to that point in my life. When I quit I was only teaching one spin class a week and there were lots of tears over "WTF have I done?". My entrepreneur husband pushed me through, and it's the BEST decision I've ever made.

9. I'm annoyingly not spontaneous.

10. Things that really irk me: people chewing with their mouth open, gossip, tearing down other women instead of building each other up, my food touching on my plate, and the 459 times a week I have to vacuum having a 12 year old German Shepherd mix rescue.

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