A Few of My Favourite Things

Here are some of my top pics for the active person in your life. Or yourself;)

My good intentions meant to have this to you sooner, but many of these item can be picked up easily around Calgary, and *most* shipping is still guaranteed before Christmas Eve.


    To Move

    1. Kettlebell + Resistance Bands + Dumbbells: For a home gym, these would be the bare minimums I'd recommend starting with. The versatility of these items will let you do tons of different movements!
    2. Swell Water Bottle: How I don't have one of these yet is beyond me. Keeps liquid cold, keeps liquid hot, and has designs to suit any taste. If I were to put one in my stocking this year, my pick is "Smokey Eye".
    3. Junction 9 gift cards: Give the gift of de-stressing! And I mean, there's always Raw Fitness YYC training packages available as well;)

    To Pamper

    1. Sucre Body Sugaring Boutique gift certificate: These ladies will make you feel brand new! Not only that, if you give them enough advance notice there is a kid's play room in case you need to bring your little ones, and don't want them in the room with you. Sometimes they are even baby-whisperers and you'll want to stay all afternoon.
    2. Distilled Beauty Bar gift certificate: Coffee, wine, nails. Turn off your phone and enjoy your time to get pampered!

    To Eat

    1. Little Tucker Energy Bites: To be honest my all time favourite will forever be the Snickers Bar, but the Energy Bites travel much better in your gym bag or purse or diaper bag. Perfect stocking stuffer.
    2. RxBar: Super simple ingredients, and they TASTE GOOD! Rare for protein bars (in my opinion). I have at least 3-4 bags of Lara Bites stashed between all my bags and the car. Fight the hanger with these stocking stuffers.
    3. Chef's Plate gift certificate: They deliver all the ingredients, pre-portioned, and with easy to follow to recipes, and you've got a delicious healthy meal in 30 minutes.
    4. Fit Kitchen gift certificate: Don't have 30 minutes? Fit Kitchen has pre-portioned meals for all times of the day plus snacks, offering small and large sizes so you can tailor to each person in your household.

    To Wear

    1. Nike Free Flyknit: A client gifted these to me for my birthday a couple years ago, and they are still my absolute favourite comfortable shoe. Bonus: If you're pregnant all the stretch in the fabric means you can double-knot those laces when you're still able to reach your toes, and not worry about un-tying them ever again!
    2. Nike Metcon: My favourite training shoe. I think I'm on my ... fourth (?) pair. Rigid enough to do rope climbs or Olympic lifting, but flexible enough you can still skip, run, or jump in them.
    3. Love for Lewiston apparel: Support an amazing cause while gearing both the bigs and the littles in some super comfy and cute gear. I have the Dance Party sweatshirt and I didn't take it off for 5 days. Maybe 6. Who's counting.
    4. Lululemon Wunder Under Hi-Rise Tight Full-On Luxtreme: The Align Pant was my pregnancy favourite because it's SO soft and flexible, but the Full-On Luxtreme in the Wunder-Under offers more coverage and shows wear (aka piling) much less than my Align's have.
    5. Lululemon Secret Sock: The best sock! When I wear socks that is. Fact: I hate socks, I am barefoot at home 99% of the year. These are so discreet I love them with both runners as well as casual shoes, and they have little heel grips on the inside to keep them from slipping down.
    6. Lululemon Namastay Put Thong & Hipster: The fabric on these is the softest ever. And moms, this thong is the ONLY thong I've returned to postpartum. You get me.

    To Read

    1. Bee Love, Kristen Hallet: An adorable gift for a little one, with the simple message we can all incorporate into our day, big or small, Bee Love.
    2. Unplugged, Brian Mackenzie, Dr. Andy Galpin, & Phil White: This book eloquently puts into words my feelings on all the technology for fitness. Personally, I believe we rely much too heavily on gadets to tell us when we're hungry, when we're full, when we've exercised hard, when we haven't exercised enough - and I just don't buy it (literally, and figuratively).
    3. The Daily Stoic, Ryan Holiday: The number of times I've read the daily reading and been like "OH MY GOSH THIS BOOK JUST GETS ME TODAY" is pretty much every time I open it. Great if daily reflection or journaling is part of your day.
    4. The Gifts of Imperfection, Brene Brown: This book makes it's way onto so many reading lists, for good reason. It's one of those ones you can revisit over and over and get something new from it. It reads with kindness, something we can all offer ourselves a little more of on a daily basis.
    5. Why Me Want Eat, Krista Scott-Dixon: An easy read, Krista Scott-Dixon provides a humorous take on our current diet-culture.