Workout: Circuit - Body Weight

The second from my old track workout archives! This one is best done outdoors, but if you're stuck inside and don't have a lot of space to work with, the 25m exercises can be done on the spot, and the 150m run can be swapped out for any other cardio exercise that fits your space: rowing, treadmill, skipping, or even running on the spot - but whatever you do this last 150m (or 30 seconds) should be a sprint, no holding back!

The Workout: Circuit - Body Weight


- 5 minute jog
- 10 leg swings forward and back, 10 leg swings side to side, each leg
- Skipping forward and sideways with forward and backward arm circles
- 4-5 x 100m accelerations: start off at a gentle jog, increasing speed within each 100m working your way up to close to a sprint by around the 90m mark

The Sweaty Part:

Perform 1 round, gradually working your way up to 4 rounds:

20 sit-ups
20 tuck jumps
25m ankle hops
10 push ups
10 crouch tuck jumps
25m split walk
20 V sit-ups
25m tuck leaps
25m walk
150m sprint *time your 1st and keep the same time throughout


- 2 minutes walking
- Stretch it out: glute stretch, quad stretch, hamstring stretch, calf stretch, IT band stretch, chest stretch, tricep stretch
- Water, water!!

Notes & such:

As with any speed workout, ensure you do a proper warm-up and do not skip the accelerations! Circuit is done continuously, with 60-90 seconds rest between sets.