Core & Pelvic Floor Workshop:

Movement Videos

Sample Workout #1

A1) 2 x 10 Squat - bodyweight
A2) 2 x 10 Floor press

B1) 2 x 10 Romanian deadlift to blocks [Video does not show blocks. Place yoga blocks directly between feet, weight landing between your laces.]
B2) 2 x 10-15 Seated banded pull-aparts or seated banded row
B3) 2 x 10 Banded deadbug or heel drops

Sample Workout #2

A1) 2 x 10 Goblet squat
A2) 2 x 10 Seated single arm overhead press

B1) 2 x 10 Reverse lunge – bodyweight (supported as needed)
B2) 2 x 10 Single arm bent over row
B3) 2 x 5 breaths Bear plank repeats

Birddog Progression

A) Birddog - Single limb (one arm at a time, one leg at a time)
B) Birddog - Opposite limbs
C) Bear planks - reps matched to breath
D) Bear plank - static hold
E) Bear plank - shoulder taps
F) Crawl - forward and backwards (maintain bear plank position as you take TINY steps forward with opposite hand and leg)