I've had the pleasure of working with some of the most amazing women. Here's what a few have to say about their experience with Raw Fitness YYC.


Pre/Postnatal Strength

"Nicole's fitness classes are well planned and perfect for mamas-to-be who want to maintain their strength, stamina, and flexibility during pregnancy. Her kind energy and enthusiasm will make you feel cared for and encouraged. Highly recommend!" ~ Julia


"As a Canadian athlete looking to go to the Olympics [in 2018], I started working with Nicole to achieve my nutrition and body composition goals. In 1.5 years, I have lost 8% body fat, maintained my muscle mass and improved my athletic performance! Raw Fitness isn't a diet or a quick fix, it's a lifestyle. Nicole works to understand you, and offers sustainable solutions to help you achieve your nutrition and fitness goals! If you are ready for change, Raw Fitness will get you there for good." ~ Jaclyn

Pre/Postnatal Strength

"I really liked getting a safe and effective pregnancy workout while also meeting other moms and moms-to-be." ~ Dierdre