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  1. Dumbbells

    • Quantity: 1 lighter set for upper body + 1 heavier set for lower body

    • Weight: This is TOTALLY dependent on you. If you are relatively new to lifting, 8-12lbs may be enough for upperbody, and 15-25lbs for lower body. If you're deciding between a set, my recommendation would be to pick the heavier option - ie. go with the 10lb set instead of the 8lb set for upper body - because initially you can decrease reps, and then add in reps as you get stronger. If you go for the lower weight that you can comfortably do now, you'll be needing a new set by the end of the summer - not a bad thing, but if cost is a consideration, go for the slightly more challenging weight now.

    • Style: I prefer the hex dumbbells, simply because they don't roll across the floor when I set them down - safety issue for when I'm coaching group workouts, but especially if you have a child(ren) close by when working out!

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  2. Mini-bands

    • Quantity: 1 medium band, 1 heavy band

    • Resistance: I'd recommend getting one medium and one heavy resistance to start so you can swap between the two or combine them. Don't bother with the light resistance band, for what we're using them for it won't give you enough resistance (even if you're relatively new).

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  3. Super-bands

    • Quantity: 1 light, and 1 medium

    • Resistance: One light band should be enough (0.5"), but some of you may need a slightly heavier one as well (0.75") - again this will totally be dependent on you! 

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  4. Box, Bench, or Step

    • Quantity: 1

    • Alternatives: For the most part you could use things around your house in place of purchasing these. Staircase for step-ups, counter for incline push-ups, chair for support for bent over row, couch for hip thrusts.

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  5. Lacrosse Ball (optional)

    • While these aren't required for workouts, they are an amazing tool for rolling pre or post workout. They can be found for around $5 each, both at Canadian Tire here, or at Sport Chek here.