Prenatal & Postnatal Strength Training Registration

Pregnancy and postpartum are intense, and two of the best mood-lifting boosts you can give yourself during either of these phases (aside from sleep!) are:

  1. Moving your body: Strength training is paramount to supporting the female body through pregnancy, aiding in recovery postpartum, and helping you to feel a little normal again. Strength training can alleviate sort joints, low back pain, poor posture, and aid in the recovery of the core and pelvic floor. And, let's not forget the mental health benefits it brings, providing some much-needed time for you and some endorphin making:)
  2. Build a supportive network with women going through the same: Fellow honest and supportive mama friends are the best sounding boards and support systems. "Is this normal?" "Do you find that..." "Soooo, this happened today..." It's pretty amazing how quickly you can bond with a group of women when there is literally no topic that is off the table to discuss.

What's Included:

  • New clients: 1 x 1-hour private assessment, one-on-one with your coach (price is separate from session pricing below). *Must be completed prior to the first class.*
  • 10 x 1-hour small-group sessions.
  • Classes are a max of 4 women to ensure workouts are individualized for you based on the discussion and findings in your one-on-one assessment.

The Details:

  • Saturdays @ 8:00am *2 of 4 spots open*
  • Classes run Sat.Apr.7 - Sat.Jun.16. No class Sat.May.19th for Victoria Day holiday weekend.
  • Investment & Payment Options:
    • New clients only: $85 assessment fee will be added to the session fee below. The 1-hour assessment is required if this is your first time training with me, if I haven't trained you in the past 12 months, or if your last assessment was done prior to having a baby. 
    • Single Payment: $250
    • 3 x Monthly Payments: $95/month with a 3-month commitment. [First payment due upon registering, 2nd payment May.01, 3rd payment Jun.01]. Assessment fee of $85 will be added to first payment for new clients.

  • Classes take place in Bridgeland in a private gym - address to be sent upon registration.

Ready to join? Click "Register Now" to secure your place. Can't wait to see you in class!