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Early postpartum comes with many exciting milestones and moments, plus a few challenges thrown into the mix. This class will allow you to connect not only with other new moms, but also reconnect with your own body. A strong foundation will be set focusing on core and pelvic floor strength and retraining, combined with full body strengthening.

What's Included:

  • The information about what you should and shouldn't be doing postpartum is overwhelming, at a time when life is already at it's peak of intensity with a newborn. This class will take the guesswork out for you!

  • We will cover where to start, how to progress, what to watch for when you are doing other activities, and additional resources to refer out to to ensure your body is being cared for in the best way possible as you return to activity.

  • And who are we kidding, this class is obviously a chance to chat with other women going through the exact same stage as you, so you can gain the confidence that you ARE doing an amazing job, that YES all babies are impossible to predict, and know that no phase lasts forever.

  • Due to safety and space, for babies pre-crawling only. Classes are held in Bridgeland.


    • Wednesday mornings, Nov.7 - Dec.12 (6-weeks)

    • Two class options: **Please note you must attend the class time you register for

    • A max of 4 spots are available per class, so please sign up right away to secure the time that’s best for you!

    • $132 for 6-week session. New clients will receive a 30-minute 1:1 initial assessment either via phone, or Skype - $35 will be added for this one time assessment.

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