1-Hour Coaching Call

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1-Hour Coaching Call


Here’s your chance to ask all your training and nutrition questions in a 1-hour call! An emailed summary of what was discussed will be sent within 24-hours of our call for you to refer back on.

Topics may include:

  • Prenatal and postpartum training: modifications, alternate exercises, how much, when to taper off, when to increase, etc.

  • General training questions as they pertain to your goals.

  • Food journal assessment: if you wish to have a food journal assessment done please ensure you book your call at least 10 days out so that you have time to complete 7 consecutive days of a food journal and send it back completed 24 hours prior to your scheduled call. You will receive the food journal template within 24-hours of your purchase.

  • All nutrition related inquiries must include a food journal assessment to best answer your questions.

What it does NOT include:

  • Please note dietary concerns related to the treatment of medical conditions will NOT be discussed nor treated, including but not limited to diabetes, cancer, Crohn’s, or allergies. Please discuss with your MD or RD.

  • Writing you a detailed workout program. Please check out the 8-Week Summer Strength program or inquire about 1:1 personal training options.

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