1-Year ProCoach Nutrition Program

It's time, and you're ready. Ready to make some positive changes not just to your nutrition, but to your life. How you view yourself, how you conduct yourself, and how you choose to show up each and every day. To be the healthiest, happiest, and fittest version of yourself possible.

The 1-Year ProCoach nutrition program will take you so much further than just learning about macros and portion sizes. For sure, we'll cover that. But it will also give you insight into how to make meaningful changes to your life. We are all led by our habits, whether we're conscious of them or not. And you can bet that the way you view and treat food is mirrored in other parts of your life. And it could be why you've been feeling stuck for so long, regardless of the different methods you've tried along the way.

I speak from experience. At my biggest jean size, I wasn't just eating poorly. I was miserable. Not working out being cause I was miserable, which left more time for eating junk, and the cycle continued. Until I changed ME, not just my eating, things didn't shift. This isn't a meal plan. This is for lasting change.


What do I get when I sign up for ProCoach with Raw Fitness YYC?


#1 - Daily habits and lessons. Content is available on-line so you can access it anywhere, anytime. You'll receive full year of habit building techniques and tools that will transform you from the inside out.

#2 - Four face-to-face meetings with your coach. These quarterly meetings can be in-person over coffee if you live in YYC, or via Skype or phone if you live outside of the Calgary area.

#3 - Accountability. Your coach won't let you slack off, shove things under the rug, or ignore the issues. Your growth and progression is our number one priority, and we're going to nudge you as much or as little as you need along the way.

#4 - Support. You may access your coach anytime via email for any burning questions, issues, comments, or celebrations as they happen on your journey.

#5 - Community. A private Facebook group for Raw Fitness YYC nutrition clients to share recipes, acknowledge each other's accomplishments, ask questions, vent, or share knowledge.

Raw Fitness YYC's nutrition client experience ranges from client who are moms - some stay-at-home, some working part-time and others full-time, Canadian Olympic athletes, professional divers, full-time downtown employees training for Ironman races, students finding balance in their life between their health and the never-ending papers and exams, plus a host of others. Some perhaps much like yourself. All with a common goal to better themselves from the inside out.


Has ProCoach been proven successful for others?


As a Precision Nutrition coach graduate, Raw Fitness YYC has been able to team up with Precision Nutrition to offer you their ProCoach program. Over the past 12 years ProCoach boasts a record of helping 35,000+ clients lose more than 45,000 pounds of body fat and live healthier, happier lives. I'm no statistician, but those numbers are something to boast about.

To see the 2016 women's results click here. For men, click here. Trust me - click the links, the pictures speak for themselves.

The Investment


Raw Fitness YYC will only be taking ProCoach clients twice per year, please contact us to be put on the waiting list for the next intake.

Option 1: One-time investment of $1,260

  • Equates to $105/month
  • Savings of $240

Option 2: $125/month

  • You will be billed automatically each month, with a 1-year no-cancellation commitment

Ready to do this? Apply now & kickstart your better life