Women's Strength

Small Group Personal Training


Community, sisterhood, support, and accountability. Just a few of the reasons why group classes are where it's at. 

Class offerings will rotate, but are all focused primarily on strength training with a side of interval training for some increased heart work (aka the sweaty part of class).

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Partner Training

For a more individualized training program, partner up with a friend for semi-private training. We'll work together to build two distinct programs, specialized to each of your unique goals, workout style preferences, and past workout and injury histories.



Click here to view out our prenatal and postnatal training options, which includes group, partner, or online training.

The pregnant body is absolutely awe inspiring in what it is creating. However it can also be a time of great confusion, discomfort, loss of self-identity, and loneliness. Enjoy the support of women going through the same stages as you, as well as the comfort of being coached in a way that is safe to both baby AND you. This circuit-style class uses a combo of free weights and body weight.


It's natural to want to get back into your training routine postpartum to reconnect with your old-self, not to mention the mental health benefits of leaving the house and socializing with other moms.

Postnatal classes are tailored to properly re-train and strengthen muscles and systems, with a high emphasis on safety and healing, to ensure we're setting you up properly to train again - both now, and years down the road. This circuit-style class uses a combo of free weights and body weight.