Nutrition Coaching


Raw Mindset + Nutrition Course

**Registration opens September 25th**

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What's Raw Mindset + Nutrition all about?

  • 20 weeks of content, broken down into:
    • 10 weeks of nutrition habits intertwined with 10 weeks of mindset coaching. [Note: there will be a break in course content over Christmas to allow you to unplug, relax, and connect with friends and family). 
    • Bi-weekly live Q&A sessions via Facebook.
    • Private on-line group for added support, collaboration, and accountability via Facebook.


It all comes down to habits.

We are creatures of habit. From the order we get ready in the morning, to the routes we walk or drive daily, the company we keep, and most definitely we are creatures of habit when it comes to the food we eat. Through learning and practicing how to break old habits and implement new habits that serve us better, we begin to find that sweet spot, where our health will reflect how we envision we want to feel each day. 

Nutrition coaching does not have a cookie cutter template for everyone, because no two people have the same history, habits, tastes, accessibility, time, health, or training regime. As a coach, I'm here to guide you, support you, and sometimes ask the tough questions. Your job is to trust the process, jump in with two feet and an open mind, and consistently work at re-wiring to discard what no longer serves you, and replace it with a fresher, more manageable, less stressful way of life when it comes to nutrition.